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  1. it just hit me as I was watching your video. I'm self-publishing through amazon and I know they are picky about what you can do. can I use the your websites promo suggestions without getting in trouble with Amazon?

  2. Hey Dave, thanks for your amazing videos, in regards to book promotion,…Do you recommend to promote the kindle books on a personal account, penn account or fb page?

    Thanks for your support!

  3. Hi Dave, I was going over this video again because I found it very useful. I recall asking you the meaning of a content upgrade. I did my research and I figured it out. The only thing that I didn't quite understand is how must I apply my content upgrade to the start, middle and the end of the book when I am giving it to them for free book promotion? could you please help me?

  4. Your videos as always are very helpful. I am trying promoting my books now, so this one is very helpful. Could I please ask you how I may include content upgrades inside my book?

  5. I don't see any websites that include printed books. Do any of these include printed books and not mention it? I write herbal reference books that my customers still prefer in printed form. Are there any sites that focus on health and include printed books?

  6. Hey do y'all help people out? Because I don't seem to be having much luck with the software. I am making a little but not much like 2 to 3 dollars a month. It's about the same I was making before I bought from you all.

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