We’ll be getting a brand new set of GSSR banners with the upcoming anniversary event, but which should you roll? #FGO #Skadi #FateGrandOrder Intro – 00:00 …


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  1. I summoned for Caster, not having a Merlin, Waver, or a Tamamo, got 3 out of 9 chances for something pretty good, how bad could it be……Gets Nero days before she was rereleased. Not a bad summon, since I never had her before, just pretty unlucky

  2. I was torn between extra and archer since I don't have any ssr for both classes. I decided to roll for extra but Chokita came to my chaldea during her banner, so I rolled for archer gssr and I got Gilgamesh (my favorite character in all of Fate). This is my first gssr and I got the servant that I have been wanting to get since I started to play.

  3. Was stuck between Archer (safest to summon, only have Ishtar but only really wanted Squirtoria out of them) and Extra (riskiest to summon, had 4/10 but was the class with the most I hoped to get from, also most limited choice).
    In the end, went with Extra and ended up getting a dupe Hokusai, not mad though because she's pretty much my favourite Servant so getting NP2 was still worth it (was really hoping for Kiara or Chokita, but a Hokusai dupe was a much better option than any of the other dupes)

  4. If i can roll on gssr it's extra JALTER YOU WILL COME HOME YOUNG LADY that, or get myself that angey boi salieri because his animations are the fucking bomb and he's completely worth rolling for

  5. Went ahead and pulled Rider to fill the hole in my box. In retrospect, I probably should have checked for tier changes considering that GSSR came at the same time as Skadi, but considering that it gave me a two-for-one in the form of Altria and Ozymandias, I think I lucked out.

  6. Miraculously got Merlin. Not going to lie I was so nervous doing this. The casters in this pool were great but for me I had my eyes set on Merlin only because his rate was only available by next year. I was not going to look forward to that if I didn't get him. On top of that I was concerned I would get Anastasia, not saying she's bad but I've yet to reach lostbelt to even farm her ascension materials.

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