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  1. Iv been pulling grain for 10 years now pulled corn husker tempty and wilson corn huskers and light and cheep but I feel they are built cheep tempty I feel is built much better than a corn husker but more expensive and wieght between the to and Wilson is the heaviest and most expensive but is built the best all in all I would go with tempty i think it's kinda the best of all worlds

  2. Dopker to me the only grain trailer, Loade Kings are good as well but are way heavier in wieght trailer, i been associated to and in the trucking industry 49 years, now partly retired i fix a few and still so say play drive, but i love all Dopker trailers

  3. My family has a farm up in New York and we use Wilson trailers. We love them. Low maintenance and very easy to use. The slide tracks for the doors need cleaning and lube every now and then but other then that it’s a great trailer. They offer a air brake tank so if you pull the trailer behind a tractor you can release or set the brakes.

  4. My dad ran a hopper bottom trucking company for 3 decades and we ran nothing but tempte super hoppers! Best trailer you could buy we tried various other brands and ALWAYS had problems! We even broke a Wilson in half.

  5. Timpte is always good. Wilson’s aren’t bad either. Biggest thing I always recommend is air ride over spring ride. And also keep an eye on wheel bearings.

  6. Eby makes a really really nice hopper bottom. I would look into the eby hopper bottoms they are made nice and with all of your gravel roads up there the rear tires on them have fenders to protect from rocks and salt and dirt and anything else. I would definitely look into those!

  7. I hope you see this, check out EBY Generation grain trailers. They have a lot of options and are the nicest looking grain trailer. You won't blend in with everyone else with an EBY

  8. We just got a Wilson in 2018 it was a year old and it's super nice. It's got electric traps and tarp that work off a remote which is really nice to keep the driver away from the dust. They also have the extra tail lights up top which add to the safety factor when they are parked on the side of the road late at night during harvest. It was our first air ride trailer too which is sweet although pretty well everyone offers that. Wilson also has several lighting packages for the sides. Looks pretty slick too.

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