Hi friends!! Thanks so much for the great response to my last video about Why I Left Consulting. If you haven’t watched that yet, I’d recommend watching it before …


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  1. yeah during my initial years – i did also exciting things like making amazing events happen, working on surveys, making the brand known in the local market (b/c i joined when the company had only a year old establishment in my country) but a lot of my days doing menial things as well and thank you for pointing out how abstract the high level things seem particularly in our market where most of the fundamental infrastructure and skills do not exist in companies and then the companies to pay to high and premium brand? not to mention how much i had toiled on government bids like all the liaison activities I had to do to make sure we submitted successfully on time…constant anxiety ….I gave my heart to building a good image before deciding to join the real work of the advisory still it was high level before i got a chance to learn more the office closed and then moved to second one-still I have learnt that you can still be hard worker and always learning new skills as long as you keep the high standards you learnt at consulting companies in other industries and sectors. Like solid 2.5 -5 years is good at consulting, but it should be about your passion.

  2. Hi, I am currently a 3rd BBA/CS uni student in Canada. I had a few internships at Deloitte and an upcoming one at PepsiCo within their analytics/ProjectM role. I didn’t really enjoy my Deloitte experiences but now I am really interested in product management. Can you please post a video talking about your resume and internship experience, and how you leveraged all those experiences to pivot into tech and more specifically ProductM and explain a litre more about the PM interview process. Thank you!

  3. Ugh, I am an extrovert who has become disillusioned with the STEM world because it seems too geared towards introverts. But it's hard, because I DO want work-life balance, but also want to make money. I am also not a huge fan of super intense coding (data science, machine learning, etc.) * sighs * Choosing careers is hard….

  4. Thank you so much for this video! It cleared out alot of stuff for me in terms of choosing the path I want, so I really appreciate it. I was curious to know what experiences or background skills got you those two internships at Mckinsey and Atlasssian in the first place? Would love to know! Cheers x

  5. It'd be cool to hear more about how to make the transition to tech / PM-type roles from consulting – as a recent grad working in strategy consulting (not in McKinsey, thankfully I guess?), tech is something I'm looking into as a potential exit over the next couple years.

    And I'd add that saying that "valuing stuff outside of your employment is "immature"" is wrong on all counts – succeeding in your career is pretty easy all things considered, but getting all the rest of your life sorted at the same time is a whole 'nother barrel of fish.

    I thankfully work in a firm where I'm able to leave work round 6-7pm most days and not have to worry about taking my work home / to town with me, and that is something I value about my current working environment. Encountering the kind of things you describe – abusive managers, work creeping to my free time or excessive travel – would put a hamper on my desire to stay in this business as well!

  6. Great video. Can you please do a video on your experience at Atlassian? Also can you please give advice on the interview process for APM role? Thanks x

  7. What would help you focus in life and improve your productivity is to shut your cell phone & all electronics off by 5 pm Friday night and don't turn electronics on again until after 8:30 pm Saturday night. And, on Friday nights & all day Saturdays just try to lounge around your home & get badly needed rest & relaxation. You'll find that your productivity and outlook in life increases 10 fold or more. Trust me. My advice works.

  8. Love how self-aware you are Linni! The constant travel to the US along with a few similar experiences on engagements back when I first started definitely had me questioning my decision. But since then I've been on some cool and fun projects ✨

  9. Loving this series so far!! I think it’s super helpful that you brought us through your thought process so we could see what factors played into your decision

  10. Thanks for the video! Super informative and helpful. The bit about extroversion reminded me of the mbti test. Curious to know if you know what yours is, and what the prevalence of the different tyoes are in tech vs consulting?

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