In this video, Tejas Dave, Consultant – McKinsey & Co., Ex-Entrepreneur, IIM B shares the story of working as a consultant. He shares invaluable tips on the skills …


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  1. What an entitled and moronic interviewer.

    If you had so much problem with consulting and talking with a consultant, just get off and get out.

    I just hope they replace this useless interviewers taunts and condenscending remarks – either do a dubbing or upload a new video.

  2. i team sentence. a grouping of words. duh i see these things so clearly now. how i team words into a sentence including i. i solve these problems , many mysteries shown to me with my minds eye. m meye flower.

  3. youve heard of the great slip and slide, plastic sheeting and the water as it falls to evaporate , the ground water not invaded and the clean up easy on plastic ready to roll out of death into reincarnation on a high mountain top safe in caverns and clean like the mono and salton cleaned up seas. its a reclamation revelation plumber deep. i try because of effort i team because i am right before team. i team is my part of it. you see there is i in team when you read the sentence.

  4. I have also heard lot people say ,you should invest long-term in stock market, but none has explained what it is and why, now everyone is talking the economy is down, giving reasons for the slowdown, experts say govt should more reforms, what reforms hardly anyone knows, I guess the job is to find solutions to the problems, instead of post mortem, I guess that is the modern day consulting is all about.

  5. This is not the way of interviewing a professional. You cant taunt a person whose doing so very well in his life that people would kill to have. Consultants play an important role in the success of companies. Dont hate please. You are the interviewer so do your job of getting the best out of your interviewee and not taunt and mock them. Very disgraceful.unsubscribing.

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