This is a complete copywriting tutorial for 2020. In my opinion, copywriting is THE most important marketing skill you can have. That’s because your ability to …


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  1. ThankYou so much for this Brian / // Noted every point that you shared your insights on | Will definitely work upon these and improve my Copy Writing skills 🙂 //

    Much more Love & Respect,
    Harsh Shekhawat (@youthcoachharsh)

  2. Simple, concise video! There's so much info I made a handy cheat sheet:

    1:35 Tip #1 Use Reddit Threads
    Go to a thread your customer hangs out at and has lots of comments. Search for your item and see what people like and dislike.

    2:15 Tip #2 Use Short Sentences
    Short sentences = better copy. Bottom line: they're easier to read and understand

    2:45 Tip #3 The Slippery Slide
    "The sole purpose of the first sentence is to get you to read the second sentence". The slippery slide is when you add something to your page to keep people reading 

    3:37 Tip #4 Super Specific Headlines
    They're headlines that tell your reader exactly what they're going to get (example of what not to write — "Save more time the easy way", good example "Save 2 hours a day with these productivity hacks"

    4:26 Tip #5 Use FOMO
    -Doesn't work for every situation
    -Generates strong reaction from prospects and makes them want to listen closely to what you have to say (ie, adding deadline at beginning of copy)

    4:58 Tip #6 Write Strong Leads
    Leads follow right after headline
    3 tips to do it:
    -Use a hook in your first or second sentence (ie, "Are you afraid of taking your business to the next level? Here's what to do")
    -Make your lead 6-8 sentences max
    -Use mini-stories in your leads

    6:31 Tip #7 Don't Use Big Words
    -Use words that are easy to read and understand

    6:55 Tip #8 The AIDA Formula
    -Attention: grab them with the first line
    -Interest: created with a bold promise
    -Desire: something that anybody reading the copy would want
    -Action: Call-to-action to keep reading

    7:41 Tip #9 Benefits Over Features

    8:19 Tip #10 Get Out Of The Friendzone 
    -When customers and potential clients like what you're selling but not enough to buy
    -Solution? Address theyre objections (ie. "it's too expensive", "not a good time for me")

    9:06 Tip #11 Talk to Customers
    -You get to dig deeper

    9:37 Tip #12 Urgency and Scarcity
    -Convert on the spot or potentially lose the sale
    -Use phrases like "limited time offer", "only 47 left", "sale ends Oct 31st"

    10:26 Tip #13 Solve the "Social Proof Paradox"
    -Feature your strongest form of social proof (doesn't have to be sales. I.e. if sales haven't taken off yet but four people love the product, feature them as testimonials. 

    11:40 Bonus Tip #1 Use This Proven 3- Step Testimonial Formula
    -Postive testominals are nice but don't motivate people others to buy
    -Before the product
    -After the product
    -"what they would tell someone" about the product

    13:00 Bonus Tip #2 Use Crooked Numbers
    -More believable than round numbers

  3. Haha, great topic and tips, but your reading tonality is awful. Similar if you would listen to Kirk vanhouten from the simpsons but less flowy, with a weird downward tonality at the end. It sounds better if you listen at 2x speed though.

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  6. I'm afraid to inform you, those words aren't BIG. In the wider scheme of things, each word should be used on its merit. We here in the us thrive on dumbing down everything. It has its place. There are still readers who build their vocabulary from reading web articles. Know your audience. Appreciate words. Use words appropriately. Peace!

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  8. So like if u have a good idea about copywriting or some add idk where do u write it like do u just write what u mean in email and send it or u just make a project take a picture and send it to the person cuz im clueless helpp!!

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