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  1. No way revenge of the Sith takes place over 4 days, with how padme's pregnancy progressed between the last season's of clone wars and the birth of Luke and Leia. It was easily na fee months

  2. Rex has essentially always been the Clone Commander of the 501st. I actually think he deserves the rank of commander more than Cody does, because Rex seems to be more independent thinking and has better leadership skills than Cody.

  3. Rex had the most experience and respect of anyone in the 501st besides Anakin and Ashoka so even without rank the experience gave him that role. Honestly when it comes to promotion and the way Anakin was, he honestly just didn't care about rank or overlooked that detail as long as he was right there with him.

  4. the siege of mandalor is a really shitty name for it. a siege is when you set up camp around an area, dont let them get any supplies, and starve them out to get them to surrender. if it was a siege they wouldnt have entered the city

  5. But there is a commander in the 501st, its ahsoka, since she isn‘t a knight up to this point and ranked „commander“. As I see it, the moment Ahsoka got back she got the de facto position as a general since she got her knight status so the position of commander is free for rex, who gets promoted that way

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