Classified Advertisement Samples – CBSE Class XI, Class XII English Core. CBSE Class 11 and 12 Sample Classified Advertisement writing. Also See Video …


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  1. thankyou so much mam for making this video… your videos are too good, it think this is the best channel for CBSE english on YouTube…. 12 hours before exam… thanks again

  2. Hello to all the members of English Academy especially Ruchika mam who has been teaching all the syllabus of class 12th Eng. C.B.S.E. you people are doing a great job out there especially for a lot of teachers like me this has been such a help but I want to tell you that we are still craving for some writing sections that you have Display advertisement writing….please upload a video on it and also keep uploading new vocabulary every day for that is being a great support too. Please fullfill my request.

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