Locker Nuts episode 299 It’s been tough to buy lockers at the auctions lately. The amount of lockers available to purchase has been very low, and the …


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  1. I’ve actually have a wealthy single friend who was in transition moving to from multiple properties w maybe well over $50k worth stuff in his storage …. btw just let you in on just how wealthy, he owned Bentley Ferrari and carried Black Centurion Am Ex…He suddenly wanted go minimalist and said he was sick of dragging his stuff around in which he never used and laughed about just letting it go to auctions because to him it was Free Service to get rid of his pair of topline Custom Burton snowboards, $6,500 Mac desktop , Samsung 4k. UHD tv, $3,500 Relax Back exec leather Chair, and numerous luxury item knick knacks like a couple $2.5k Bell&Ross watches …. I tried looking into it but it seemed the shady storage owner kept everything to himself LOL

  2. I must say when your neck scarf was covering the scraggly part of your beard, it looked so GOOD with only about 1-2" showing. Like when we trim the ragged bits from our hair-makes it look thicker and more even and well kept. Amazing how good it looked!

  3. This should be fun to go through with you. I love that they were so organized, too! I saw a Mickey Mouse product box in the tote on the floor to the right of the mixer…maybe some collectables to be had as well! What's in the Camera Equipment box? Next time!

  4. Holy moly. $1800 bucks. I woulda’ chickened out! It looks like it is full of quality items. I don’t see how you could possibly go wrong on this one. Your auction is going to be lit!

  5. You bid $1500 when she was asking for $1600. She thought you said $1600 and then asked for $1800 and you bid against yourself at $1800.
    Hope they’ll reimburse you or will they not do this?
    Whatever the case, what an amazing locker! I think Janna is going to like this one!

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