Big 4 Consulting vs Management Consulting Comparison! Today we’re talking about management consulting vs big 4, the difference between big 4 and …


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  1. Hey Guys, Nice vlog. It would super helpful if could do videos on how to get jobs in these firms for those who have started their careers in Canada

  2. Exit Option is complete bullshit. Big4 is known as low quality Consulting and every idiot gets an offer at big4

    Meanwhile MBB has top exit options especially McK

    Big4 Profile is like avarage Student, 3 internships thats it. MBB Profile looks like As everywhere, top unis, top notch internships

  3. I think this is pre bias towards big 4 consulting lol… MBB is def the go to if one is looking for prestige, exit and pay. That being said, there is a reason why they take in way less and if anyone tries doing those McKinsey cases, ur gonna know it’s 100x harder than a big 4 consulting interview. Big 4 despite having strategy functions, are more focused on tech and implementation. Im going to breakdown my view on this but whatever my view is, MBB is always the go to if ur capable of coping with the hours.

    1. Management consulting: MBB -> Deloitte Monitor, Tier 2 (ATK, Oliver, Booz etc) -> PwC Strat&, EY Parthenon -> KPMG, Accenture -> other consulting
    (U could also consider f500 for corporate strategy)
    2. Tech consulting: Big 4 is the go to according to some professionals at big 4 (I’m not too interested in this area so I might be wrong and they might be bias)
    3. Deal/Financial Advisory, Corp Fin, Vals, TS: Deloitte Corp Fin LLC, KPMG CP LLC, EY -> PwC, Bain
    (if u can work at big 5 or bulge bracket, they r ofc better for this area. MBB mgt consulting > Big 4 Financial Advisory in terms of exit)

  4. Hey guys, interesting tips. I am brazilian, I live in São Paulo and worked in Deloitte during 5 years, in outsourcing area. I like to go to diferent clients and diferent routines. I think back to big 4 in the future. Nice channel, I saw some videos from the channel, it's good.

  5. Interesting comparison. As a former McKinsey consultant, I can for sure relate to some of your points. Also recently did some videos on Pros and Cons of working in consulting, would love you to hear your opinion as well! 🙂

  6. You should definitely take any MBB over Big 4! Nevertheless, if you would like to continue in a corporate finance role at a medium sized company, Big 4 might even be more helpful because of its accounting associations

  7. Great video!

    I’d have to say though, in terms of career prestige/clout, the big 3 blows the big 4 out of the water.

    Being ex-MBB brings a level of clout much much higher than being ex-B4.

    You’d have to work much harder to get into a B3 firm.

  8. Heading to MBB and interned at Big 4.

    1:31 Only specific groups within Big 4 will touch classic strategy projects (Deloitte S&O, PwC Strategy&, EY Parthenon)

    2:19 Pay gap is pretty real at the junior level between B4 vs MBB. All-in max total comp is about 30% higher at MBB. Also, Big 4s tier pay by city. $81k in NYC (base for Tier 1 city) compared to $115k in St. Louis is a huge difference. Comp trajectory is very different between B4/MBB as well, so realize that this isn't just a "first-year pay difference" analysis.

    3:39 I'd caution against enforcing the idea that one can maneuver between different service lines/offerings. It is pretty difficult to jump between industry/functionality alignments at B4. Certainly difficult to lateral to a strategy group.

    5:04 I'd argue that going to an industry-agnostic firm is a massive pro. As a college student you have very little exposure to the broad variety of what's out there. Likely preferable to being aligned to a very particular industry and functionality (e.g. PwC). Also, McK and BCG definitely allow you to soft-align after your first year

    5:48 You'll travel (a lot) regardless of where you work, travel depends more on the types of projects done. I traveled more as a B4 intern than what I'm expecting in my first 6 months FT. MBB takes on a fair amount of PE DD projects, which are no travel, and Bain in particular is very local.

  9. I didn't clue in right away that you guys are from Canada.I've heard of all these consulting firms and it's nice to see an overview of these companies. Great video and editing is phenomenal.

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