There’s so many great TikTok videos with “Someone To You” in them that I thought I’d put a few together. It’s so lovely that so many people would want to use my …


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  1. I have known about this song years prior before it got on TikTok. I'm an Instagram editor and it's been a popular ship edit audio for a couple years! ☺️ BANNERS is so underrated and they have amazing songs. Some of these tiktoks tell stories and inspire others and that's what banners is doing with their music! Much love <3

  2. I love to have a good time but how old do I have to be to enjoy this video? Is it just that I'm getting old? Or are people just becoming simpler. Tik Tok really knew what they were doing in China when they sent it to the United States along with the virus they really got our number dumb real dumb☢☢☢

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