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  1. I like his songs so I’m listing people don’t actally understand the real meaning of the songs they think they know cause the song was in the movie but no that’s not the real meaning if u Lisette closely u can meaning what’s happening and that’s the real meaning to u there is different meanings to different people,people should respect song artist more because u don’t know how much effort is put in this and I don’t know this but I’m 11yrs old and I’m a really good artist that’s what my friends say and my used to be teachers said (cause I’m going in high school now) and it takes me days and weeks and hours to do it and all that times go into it but u think it’s really bad and u think ashamed and people sometimes don’t give the best comments about it but to all my fellow artist and everyone feel proud of your self whatever u do I am here just to share love and hope so people don’t feel ashemed of them selfs cause I am ashemed of myself and I try to make people feel positive cause I want to give u my happiness I would rather to the person reading this be happy then me being happy I would give u all my happnies and I will still share hope for each every one so don’t feel ashemed of yourself feel proud and know u are good enough thank u for reading my message and hope I brighten ur day or night etc and don’t feel sad ever cause u can go on my channel and comment on my recent vid that ur sad or what ur feeling and I’ll give u happiness I’ll make u feel happy so I guess this a good bye for now

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