Auction Time | Used Farm Equipment.


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  1. You sound a bit arrogant… calling everything a toy or a teach your son how to drive a tractor or "CASE" can't afford something else or cheap this or use for 5 years and throw it out. Try to be more humble for the folks who don't have much. Or switch your method of introducing the used equipment.

  2. Sorry brother I bought a 1948 John Deere Model M …sweet little tractor …needs some work but I bought it right! Keep up the videos …wait for every new one you show!!

  3. I think those 30X32's are combine tires. That 1100 was pretty interesting. Fix those leaks and you have a 94 HP 4-5 plow tractor . As for the manure spreaders a few years back sneaky Amish were going around grabbing up every New Idea ground drive manure spreader they could get their hands on, fixing them up painting them green and selling them as "lancaster" brand manure spreaders until AGCO/New Idea found out about it. That was the end of that little caper. BTW That Super 717 in the background will bring a few bucks if it's in good shape because they're still in demand.

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