In this video we share our trip to an auction we have never visited before, it was an amazing place with so much stuff it was crazy!!! We took lots of notes and …


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  2. bit of advice dont buy unseen online as they a stock pics and not the item you are buying which will be a raw return from john lewis, thats a John Pye sale, and ive bought from them, service was very good, but do not contrevene their terms and conditions otherwise you will find it all an expensive gamble.

    Always check the seals on returns only bid on the ones still factory sealed as late a number as possible,…….

    if you want an electrical item bid on the last lots not the first lots.

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  4. once bought a xbox 360 for 5 pounds and a pair of Adidas NMDs worth over 100 pounds for 10. The XBOX sold for 55 and the trainers for 115. 155 pounds profit.

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