in this video, i’m sharing six benefits of working at a small/boutique consulting firm vs. a big firm (like MBB or big 4). click SHOW MORE for more info ⬇ music: …


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  1. Hii, I did British system A levels (grade 12) and got results ABB, A in politics, B in Maths and B in economics. I am currently undergrad doing BSc Accounting and Finance at CASS Business School and have finished the year with a First class honours (US GPA equivalent 4.0/4.0) and predicted to finish my degree with this grade. Realistic thoughts on my chances of getting into MBB? Thanks!

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  3. Love the insight Kristina! We just shared a video comparing life at Big 4 vs Big 3 (MBB). We would love to share some insight on the Big 4 life especially being from Toronto, Canada – let us know ✨

  4. Hi! Kristina, how are you doing? It's great to see you back here again. Thanks for showing up, sharing the experiences and differences on what's like working for Consulting Firms VS Large Firms out there. It sounds like to me, it is tough and as competitive to get in those Big 4 Management Consulting Groups. Yeah, I remember, Boston Consulting Groups (BCG), because they do have teams operating, traveling and office networks across the world. I see you doing very well and happy in your current position, guess who knows, you will be applying in these big companies or may be starting your own consulting firm someday. Stay Well & Connected!

  5. Can not agree more, We should see everything in an open mind. I have a question, if someone want to jump from a boutique firm to a big firm, Will the rank demote unconditionally?(역시, 모든 일은 오픈 마인드로 봐야겠네요. 제가 질문 하나 있는데 만약 작은 펌에서 큰펌으로 점프하려면 직급은 무조건 demote되는건가요?)

  6. The name recognition of MBB/Big 4 opens a lot more doors and less barriers of entry to roles you're interested in – that's it. Also, the amount of resources, training, and networking opportunities provided at big companies can't be matched by smaller boutique firms

  7. Hey KCHOI. Great video about the industry. There are other firms that are large, but also do lots of highly specialized things across different industries like Booz Allen Hamilton. These can be great if you are wanting to shift your past career knowledge into a consulting role. Also, boutique firms can be good for firm to firm networking and experience. My firm (not Booz) has collaborated with Deloitte and PWC for tech projects because we are small and specialized enough that we don't compete directly with them for business. The talent and experience those firms have are pretty unbelievable. Your friends there must be very smart.

  8. Do you have any insight/opinion on erp consulting? I received an offer for an industry job and an erp analyst but I’m afraid I might not like the role bc it’s not focused on strategy

  9. Thank you so much for posting this video: it was very informative and educational. Your video provided good food for thought and these days I have a lot of time to think about …. many things. Hope you are doing well. Please take care, keep safe and healthy. Thanks, once more and greetings from Italy.

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