The Viral Launch Market Research and Validation tool is incredibly valuable for sellers who are looking for in-depth data about potential product markets.


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  1. I've watched quite a few videos on viral launch and no one could explain this as well as you including the co-founder. I purchased viral launch after watching this video b/c you made the additional features easily understandable. Thank you.

  2. Hi Viral team.
    Looks like a great tool, but could i request/suggest a small change.
    On the "Validate Your Next Product" page, is it, or would it be possible to lock the columns row to the top of the page with all the data? So that when your scrolling down through the competition it still shows the column names.
    I'm sure after weeks of steady use I would eventually recall what each column data is, but being new its a little frustrating having to scroll up n down to confirm what each column is.
    Otherwise from what I have seen so far, looks like your team has done a great job building this tool, and once i'm more familiar with the tool, i am sure I will be subscribing for the full package.

  3. This looks good but something early on threw me off: "If you're looking to source Vitamin C serum don't search Vitamin C" …umm…those terms seem directly related to me, can you go into more detail on that?
    Are you using a regression algorithm for estimated sales? I feel like the table headers should say "estimated"

  4. I started to use VL tool, it's easy to use and helps to analyze niche in short time period. I have one question : could you please give more detailed info about highlighted in red market outlier ? How we should evaluate while analyzing product ?

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