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  1. Hi what do you guys say to someone who is interested in advertising on amazon but it concerned that amazon is going to collect their data and put them out of business?

  2. Hi there, I was trying to do the sponsor product campaign to get the segusted keywords, but I can only see my product even though I copy and past other sellers ASIN in to the search

  3. In minute 13.00 Greg comments that you don't automatically have access to AMS, but that you'd include a link to a how-to video in the comments. I don't see it. It would be great if you could post it. Thanks!

  4. Question. Maybe it's because I'm in Canada or maybe because I don't have a professional seller account, but when I enter the ASIN of the top-ranking organic product into my campaign (as in at 10:45), it says "No results." I don't think I can put someone else's product in there. Any idea what I'm doing different, or did Amazon nail down something in the last few months?

  5. Thank you guys! Awesome video! Kevin, in this video, you showed details of setting up manual campaign with the MW master list and you didn't show the campaigns for AMS1 and AMS2 master list. My question is, will there be duplicate keywords from MW to AMS 1 and AMS 2 list? If so, would the duplicate keywords in different campaigns be competing with each other?

  6. F**king BRILLIANT!!! I’ve literally just totally optimised my campaign on the basis of this knowledge. You guys could charge bucket loads for this info! Excellent. Can’t understand who would dislike this!

  7. Thanks as always for your wisdom Kevin! I’ve heard other FBA “gurus” talk about Facebook ads for your amazon products, do you think they are something to focus on? Or do you stick with Amazon’s advertising?

  8. I use this exact method. However, I still have trouble with this method. My ads get A LOT of impressions but rarely do they convert. I'm curious if you can make a video on this subject. For example, I have 100,000 impressions but zero sales from that PPC ad.

  9. at 20:16 Kevin talks about putting the top 250 characters from wordcounter in the back end keywords of a listing, but there are 5 different rows, so technically we can add 1250 characters, so should we do that? Also, should I just add all the words in the row and separate them with a space?

    Thank you.

  10. Regarding backend keywords, I thought Amazon doesn't like you repeat what you have already used in your title and bullet points. However, both Gret and Kevin said used them in your backend keywords. Could someone clarify?

  11. Greg , Quick question . If you set up a $100 for the daily budget , and $1 for PPC ( assuming that you are winner of $1 per click ) is that mean that you will charge $100 daily even if there are over 100 clicks ? BTW thank you for the video

  12. Is running a PPC Ad needed during the test stage of your product? For example, I want to test the market for a specific product and so I ship 10 items to Amazon warehouse, for this situation is setting up PPC a good idea or wait until I send in 500+?

  13. Hi Kevin, that was really helpful and great info.

    If I have a product with 2 variations. How do you suggest me to run PPC on the products? should I run an Auton, A phrase, A Broad on each variation? should I use the sample search terms for both variance campaigns?

    Also, I'm still not very clear the difference between board and phrase. is Phrase the exact match for a long tail search term? what bout board? Thanks so much.

  14. Hey everyone! Recently I have come up with a thought on ways to advertise my amazon product. Basically there are two most commonly used ways – amazon ppc and Facebook ppc. Many sellers use them both, however I could not find any information about which one is most effective. Some people say it's amazon, others say it's Facebook. Have any of you had an experience running your ad on both of these platforms? What are the advantages of each one? Which one is more effective? Share your experience!

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