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  1. But they had no flying Carpets for sale? Just grounded junk..mostly..cried Adladin….and his over fed camel..named Dung!!!….lol….the monkey took the diamond..and a 737 Flight home.. too…

  2. Auction format in this manner can kill the value of more valuable and significant aircraft. I'd liken it to selling a Ferrari at a Yugo dealership. Just the worst, wrong, and cheapest buyers and circumstances. Maybe a good place to dump cheap junk.

  3. This A&P guy, says auction aircraft is you bought it, log book doesn't show guts of the plane you cant see. I charge 800/1000 $ prebuy, 2/3 days inspection. FAA, A&P signoff logs, mandatory for airworthy. The sky can be a dangerous place, and the ground is where to only land the airplane. I Grounded many aircraft. crashed and dead, A&P's signoff in jail. Owner is not held.

  4. what a joke… first he says 13,000 and then he states 1300   what a moron…   never trust an auctioneer…  why do you think it is at the auction block…  because people get caught up in the bidding and pay too much… pos auction co…

  5. Didn’t look like it went well, loved the part when the asked the owner if he would negotiate and he replied that’s what the auctioneer is doing lol

  6. a scary waste of time and money.. you should never bid on something like this. it should be inspected for.air worthiness and all logs, injections available. this is going to hurt a lot of potential buyers who have no clue about costs… ouch

  7. The only airplane auction I would bother with is one with "no reserve". Otherwise, its a waste of time. Did you notice all the planes that actually went to a buyer? Uh…like, zero.

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