Steve Shu’s blog: Here is some great advice and lifehacks for new strategy consultants. Listen up and enjoy 🙂 Cheers Kevin Jon …


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  1. Thank you for your impressive videos! Watched your videos before accepted the strategic consultant offer, now I’m a 11-month-old consultant in China found that the job is absolutely interesting. Your videos inspired me a lot.
    Still much to learn for me haha.
    Has followed you via LinkedIn and look forward to watching your new videos.

  2. Wonderful video !!
    Summary :
    1. Befriend the client
    2. Be 3 steps ahead of your boss & the client.
    3. Prepare ahead of time – there are many things to do on the very first day of the project.
    4. Outsource professional & personal work.
    5. Be efficient. Optimise more.
    6. Create a certain sense of urgency for the client. Weekly phone calls or status.
    7. Simplify & don't get overwhelmed by the big things. Focus on the 20%, that drive the 80%.
    8. Excel in excel & PowerPoint. Sharpen your skills.
    9. Physical activity – sports, fitness, yoga etc. to maintain discipline & to break through.

  3. Hi, Kevin! Very insightful videos, glad you're providing this internal info for prospective consultants. However, I have a curiosity question: what martial arts do you practice? Thanks for the time you take to make these videos!

  4. Hi Kevin,
    thanks for the relevant content. I am studying Business Information Systems accompanied by practical work at a big bank. I want to join a management consultancy. Do you have any advice to improve my chances? Getting hired might be a really tough one.
    Thanks for your help.

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