I had more travel this week than usual, so I thought I’d vlog and show you what my work week could look like. open up for more info! ⬇ music: ↳ broke for free: …


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  1. I need a mentor and guidance to acquire a consultant career! I am trying to step out of the manufacturing management route to a career that keeps me moving from place to place. PLEASE HELP!

  2. This is basically the same as I have experienced as an IT consultant. Week in week out in Tokyo, Bangkok, and Singapore.
    Now that we have the coronavirus, I don't do any trip anymore and turned out into zoom calls.
    Even post coronavirus, I believe the consultant industry will have no more business trips as before.

  3. I have a few questions sorry if there overwhelming but do they pay for your flights and hotels? Can you bring your spouse when you travel? How much do you get payed?

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