Want to stay on top of what’s working NOW in email marketing? In this episode, I’m sharing my top 7 email marketing tips for 2020. Catch the rest of the email …


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  1. Great video, though I might add that some emails may represent a threat for the campaign itself, that is why is very important to validate emails as well, that is why I also recommend using an email validation service to test out emails before sending them away.
    I personally use Zerobounce to test out my emails.

  2. AtomEmailPro will help you make it easy and fast to find your prospects so you can reach more people in less time. The best part is, you can even drill down to get emails of the top-level people based on their job title. https://atomeailpro.blogspot.com/ Vá? tym nikdy neztrácí ?as tím, ?e sedí na stole a ?eká na vedení.

  3. When you are a business owner, your main goal is sales-driving content. Regarding that ig is hiding likes, I wouldn't use the mass-liking feature on this tool. But I adore the in-built Direct module. This tool: https://ingramer.com/70c4b5eca8/ is a must-have when your direct is busy; you need to set up mass-messaging and reach your client. Certainly – it’s a like!

  4. For a successful Email Marketing Campaign, start with preparing an email list of qualified leads. These leads are those viewers who are interested in what you are offering. As a business, to be successful in your campaign, you need to make sure that these viewers subscribe to your newsletter.Because of them subscribing to your newsletter, you’ll get a database of their information which can be later used to make a Targeted Email List.

  5. hello i am a new email marketer i have a question can i work as a email marketers with a company or with a site or whatever when that site or whatever is not in my country?

  6. 1) I can't find the link you mentioned to the comparison between template emails and no image emails mentioned in the video
    2) you said no images — what about email signatures that include a company icon or the sender's picture? And, what about memes?

  7. Would love to hear tips on how to convert people on your list to customers that are not buying. i.e. the open a lot of emails but never actually buy anything. This makes up 75% of my current list.

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