How Do You Get Started With Your Copywriting Career? Start With Dan’s 7 Copywriting Exercises You Can Do Right Now. Want To Learn Dan’s Best-Kept …


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  1. When he speaks of writing on paper with pen, that's vibrations and energy being pulled in from the 4dimension, though copyywriters. It's the reason I do not admire kindle books or digital art, they do not contain the live vibrational energy from the planet. PEACE!

  2. Impressive and yet so simple exercises to do! I have been looking for those tricks that "train the brain" for so long, thank you a million times Dan! So glad to have discovered you!

  3. That last point is something I have experienced when reading. I imagine as if the writer is reading out the material to me, in their own voice. This helps me to connect with the article, post, and review. It is truly divine because you form a connection with the reading material. Importantly, it helps me to finish reading the article, post, and page.

  4. I think Dan needs to be more transparent on his background and his work other than asking people to pay $2500 to join his classes then paying $2500 per month to join his "Inner circle". At the end "None of his students are close to become a millionare".

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