After my last video on email marketing for beginners / how to grow an email list from the ground, you all asked HOW TO ACTUALLY MAKE MONEY from …


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  1. Hey Noah. You asked about ways we'd grown email lists.
    Here's one example. We were able to grow a meat companies database by 3,000% over a weekend at a food show. We just helped them make it easy to allow people to sign up –
    I believe every touchpoint in your business is an opportunity to get an email address. You just need to ask. I've used the line, "Hey, we do this cool thing [describe your newsletter] every [frequency – weekly, monthly]. Have you got an email address I can send it to?" for 16 odd years. Works every time.

  2. Hi Noah,
    I missed part of your interview on the Flippa virtual event yesterday, so I was pleased to see you had a Youtube channel as I'm a novice to all of this. I've already watched your email marketing videos and took notes. Thanks for posting and to the Underdogs, you give me hope. Much success, everyone!!!

  3. Hey @noah – quick tip. YouTube is ranking videos that put time stamps in higher – all you need to do is add the 00:00 in and you’ll notice that people can skip to the tips you’re talking about. It’s called YouTube Chapters

  4. This is my FAVORITE VIDEO (maybe because I'm the Underdog Of The Week!) XD

    Thanks for the mention Noah. I will get more subscribers (and revenue) to KEEP being the Underdog Of The Week!

    See you next video. Thanks man.

  5. Dang Noah — this is SOLID value. Im a product manager with design background and launched over 20 software products. Lets work together on something!

    Took notes. Made to dos out of this. Cant wait to grow my audience and provide value to people at scale.

  6. I've bought a ton of Appsumo products over the years, they're extremely valuable business boosters.
    Definitely will be using my email list to promote a new program I'm launching (doing a launch, as you mentioned) as well as for a book… What might you recommend for launching a book to an email list? And how about for launching a mastermind (style) coaching program?

  7. Noah, im a big fan of you, (and a 1000k month student) we use email marketing to drive people to our weeklys lives and its an amazing way to create wealth, cheers from Medellin, Colombia

  8. Awesome video Noah! I can’t wait to get started. BTW this video was way better produced than your other recent ones. I remember you were taking about hiring an editor and it looks like it’s absolutely paying off. I just started my own YouTube channel last month and am striving to get to this level.

  9. Another fantastic video! We've built our email list up to 20k in 3 years (slow and steady) and made it into a $100k+ profit business primarily selling through email. Crucial to have that weekly connection of giving and selling occasionally.

  10. New camera is working gooood. Awesome points – love the format. I'll pose the question by taking one step back. Not having a product to sell is one thing. What about not having an audience? Where would you suggest 'validating' ideas if you don't currently have an audience to interact with? Kind of reminds me of the chicken and the egg – the audience or the product – which came first?

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