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  1. Thank you for your information. Your video saved me from spending money on a course from AWAI copywriting course. I do not have a sales background and I'm not an extrovert. Thank you again

  2. Geez, you've got a wealth of info here, especially from someone who is just a real person talking about it. I've been thinking of seeing if this is right for me. Thank you!

  3. This video is important for me…because I want to be a copywriter but I've no experience plus…I've no knowledge of it…never went to school…I'm just reading books and watching videos…

  4. Thanks for this video, it's the most honest, straight forward video on this topic, you're helping a lot of people to avoid making a big mistake if they truly don't understand this industry!!! Stay safe, Rock On & God Bless!!!!

  5. Thank you, if u don't mind,I wanted to know a thing. As a freelancer is it necessary to be in particular country and study the market and the product etc. or it actually can be made from anywhere in the world..? I'm from India so It's kinda complicated for me.. Our market is pretty much based on Hindi as a language so its either I focus on my country or globaly which is i'm preferring definitely..So, what's the actual truth?

  6. I appreciate your honest words! Jackie, if i am not a charming, smiling person, then becoming a succesful freelance copywriter is not realistic for me? Even if i feel talent, ambition and love for copywriting? Thank you

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