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  1. You've done a great job on this video offering your audience great Pinterest tips! I focus on Pinterest Marketing and struggle to find others in this niche on YT! So glad to have found you guys! new Sub here!

  2. hi please, I have a question please :

    I make one blog post per week. and I read that should pin in every day over 10 pins to get huge traffic. so how can I deal with this problem . should I create one blog post every day and link it with these pins or what please help

  3. hi sir . how many pin should i pin every day . and if i creat a blog post a week should these pins related to this blog or what and should i create content for every pin in every day . and thank you

  4. Is this video old? Because the look of analytics has changed. Also how does group boards perform now? Some people say group boards reach is really low some say the opposite. What are your thoughts?

  5. Great post! Can you tell when you add your own pins to Tailwind, before or after other people's pins? And do you use a pin tracker to know when your pin is scheduled to which group board? Thanks for the answer!

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