Facebook’s Pay Per Click system offers 3 separate ways for you to setup PPC ads in Facebook. If you just want to jump in to the one Facebook advertising …


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  1. Millon times Thank you so much, my love and God Bless You, I am 54 and an absolute idiot anything to do with online marketing or advertising, so it's very easy to waste money when you have no experience at all like me. No children, I wish I had a son like you. Lots of love xxxxx

  2. Hi miles I started to follow you because I’m investing a lot on Facebook ad and I don’t see a profit we are a moving company what you think is the best objectives to use for the ads to see results I really will appreciate any advice thank you

  3. Where do the Pay Per Click Ads show up (present themselves).
    I'm on Face Book on my Desktop computer. My ad preferences are all set to "Allow" "Allow" "Allow".
    My understanding is that the Pay Per Click ads present in the Right column (just to the right of the News Feed Center column)
    I typically use my smart phone to surf face book so this Right Column (Desktop Computer) format is foreign to me.
    I work for a company that wants me to be involved in their Pay Per Click Advertising.
    I'm trying to see "other" existing Pay Per Click ads to get a feel for the Ad Format.
    HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. In all the YEARS of online I have never seen anyone and I mean anyone who digs as deep as you do and makes it CLEAR and UNDERSTANDABLE. Thank you Miles. I thank God everyday for letting me cross paths with you. With all these free video trainings I would like to know how you MAKE money. THANK YOU Miles from the bottom of my heart. I have spent so much money and hardly made any that my well run dry. NOW I am starting to feel confident again that I will make it this time thanks to you. PROGRESS not PERFECTION is the game and I sure haven't been perfect. HA HA But I will not give up and will continue to take action.

  5. Hey Miles, do you ever look at relevance score? I have not yet seen you talk about that? Unless it's this video. But what's your thoughts on it? Is it important?

  6. thank you for this info it is exactly what I wanted to know about boosting posts,i tried it on 3 products last week and got no results,i first jumped in fb ads over mem. holiday this year spent $100.00 just to see how well it would do,it was my first attempt at promoting my Zazzle store, i now understand it seems to be all about your target audience best i can tell,my store is strangeart 2015 on Zazzle ,thanks again

  7. Hey miles, I have noticed throughout your videos you target a worldwide audience. I have a local business with a high price service $300 and up. Do you believe local facebook advertising for a service would work?

  8. But can you not also do split testing on ad manager? To me it looks like they have exactly the same functions, just look differently – what are some other features that power editor has that ad manager does not?

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