Here are 3 things I really dislike about consulting. Let me know if you agree. What are the things you don’t like about the job of management consultant? Cheers …


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  1. Just imagine that a research scientist with a BSc, MSc, and PhD working for a Postdoc fellowship, still earns less than a bus driver, and works 60-80 hours a week in constant stress and pressure, pretty much gambling their life hoping that their next experiment works.
    Than you realize how ridiculous and naive are people complaining about their jobs in finance, banking, consulting, or medicine

  2. I only have an Associates in accounting. I can't afford to go back to school any time soon but really want to be in consulting. There is an organization that certifies you as a small business consultant and I want to know your thoughts on whether that would help me become a consultant ? Thanks. By the way the organization is called "AASBC"

  3. Besides the lifestyle, 1) to deliver so called "know how" rather than real wisdom and experiences that would transform a business from within 2) lacking of a closed loop of learning – not knowing the result and real impact of my project on the clients

  4. I work as a software developer at a consulting firm and what you said is pretty accurate. You work so much that you don’t get the time to build anything of your own or even expand you knowledge to anything beyond the narrow scope of your role. And the pay really is garbage when compared to software devs in large tech companies.

  5. Thank you for sharing. This is very true from my 6 months' experience at a consulting firm so far. I'm reading a book by Andrew Yang, called Smart People Should Build Things, which talks about exactly what you are addressing in the first two points. These consulting firms are pouring millions of dollars into recruiting the top talents from top universities. The percentage of top talents going into the professional service industry (Investment Banking, Management Consulting, and Law firms) has gone up significantly in the past few decades (this is data from the US, not sure about Europe). There is a downside on society: people are not trained and rewarded to build new businesses, but rather to jump every loop in order to get those credentials and prestige and in the end waste their years building excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides, only to find themselves trapped in this high-pay job and an expensive lifestyle that very few other jobs can sustain.

  6. Nice video. But this got me more confused. I am planning for top 10 B schools but at the same time I am not a workaholic . I believe in having a balanced ,less stress ,if not stress free life. But to repay the loan I might have to take up higher pay job .But if this workaholic culture is in INVESTMENT BANKING & CONSULTING then what else option would I be left with to repay the loan which I will be taking ?

  7. you have good content, but delivery and structure could be better to grab the listener. it looks like youve got some coaching from your last video, good on job~

  8. You offer some great insight and perspective. As someone who is looking to start a career in consulting, this was invaluable. My question to you: do you have opportunities to have an activity/hobby outside of work to retain creativity in your ideas?

  9. Great video. Confirms what I've always had in mind. The harder u work towards any organisation's goals, the greater the probability that u ain't working towards yours. Hardwork at a job is always a safer bet hence the lower return against u using all Ur knowledge n time for yourself and winning

  10. No wonder the universe didn’t send me into the “golden career”, I value freedom and creativity, I dismiss credentials, I am intuitive rather than analytical, god after careful thinking I find myself in the opposite position of what successful people are lol

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