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  1. What a dumb ass! Spoke nothing about creating a portfolio, connecting with copywriters on Linkedin or Twitter and seeing their work. Not a single mention of what tool to use for grammar checks and proof reading. This guy is a tool, trust me I am a copywriter and there is no way in hell you can make $5,000 from one client alone unless you handle their digital marketing, SEO, paid social ads, design and more importantly upsell their business via your business development/pitching skills. Jason Capital talks like the typical dating coach tool that he is. Linkedin is a great place to find copywriting jobs especially if you are new because many companies offer apprenticeships and internships if you are looking to get your feet wet. If you want to be a copywriter thinking you're going to be balling in money sorry to burst your bubble, maybe learn how to code instead?

  2. Im new to copy writing and sure don't want to invest real estate. Any tips that's freshly starting off. Enough is enough just living 1000 a month. Thank man, your self improving mwwy and charisma made big changes. Took serveral year but damn it so forth it and like you said…as long as it take to get there

  3. Making 10k amonth in africa specially in my coutry somalia with high income skill seems unrealistic then what is the best amount that i can make to measure that is have acheived the high income earners of my society.

  4. New copywriter here… I'm trying to get a first client to start my freelance copy career… great piece of advice. I want to take action on it. thanks for the help!

  5. I come from nothing growing up I didn't have anything my parents didn't have anything and I was forced to do things that I should have been doing as a child I Rob people for money broken house sold drugs whatever I had to do to get money as I got older I start realizing the things that I'm doing would have me dead or locked up in jail so I change my life around and I got up and I got me a job so I've been working my ass off for 20 years straight and I still have nothing to show for it everyday is a struggle I have three kids three boys 15 11 and 6 and I work my tail off of them everyday but now I'm at the point where I'm looking at my life saying this can't be it I know life is more than paying bills and dying but right now that's what it looks like I try to find ways to make money but I never successful but I never give up I keep trying but meanwhile in the back of my mind I'm always thinking you know where you can go get some money from and with me having 3 boys the streets is one place I'm not trying to go back but I'm on YouTube and I came across your videos and listening to you talk I was instantly drawn in but when is all said and done I just want to make money whatever I have to do I'll go hard for it

  6. Jason, I appreciate your work 🙂 I have quick question. You told in your vids that we get motivation from family and friends of ours. But what about when your family or friends think in mediocre way?

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