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  1. Wow. I didn't understand much of the things he's saying but I got inspired to learn this… I probably should start from basics to understand some of the terms he's using.

  2. Can you please put numbers into that equation for a situation where I'm stuck in a public bathroom, shat, without toilet paper and you have a towel for sale for 2$?

  3. Marketing in general seems like an immoral practice. I mean, think about it, the only reason marketing exists is because it works, people want to buy things. But you fight against the consumer and that creates an conflict that negatively effects profits. I know nothing, but I think you should work WITH consumers to gain the information necessary to ENSURE a yes. 90% of the advertisements a consumer sees are completely irrelevant and have little effect, so get rid of the clusterfuck of advertisements they encounter daily and figure out what they truly want to buy. I would submit personality tests, credit card purchase history, internet browsing history and anything I could think of to get rid of clickbait ads and useless marketing schemes and instead have a single reliable integrated advertising provider that showed me the things I actually wanted to see/would be influenced by.

  4. I think its pretty bad and useless presentation. Hes giving 0 examples, its like he doesnt know what hes talking about and just memorized it

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  6. The title of this video is quite misleading. It really isn't about market research at all. It's actually about the sales process in the context of a web page. Ironically this is probably resulting in a very high level of 'leakeage' or bounce rate as Flint covers in the video.

  7. And thus, Flint is a *liar* when he said he wanted to come in and "just talk" about it, because unless he's going to come back and actually talk ad lib about the stuff, he's followed his 10 minute speech to the tee.

  8. Stage actors don't have the words in front of them, either, but they're still scripted.

    He's obviously put the thought into this, made his detailed slides and is talking about very targeted points. He's essentially got his script in his head. He's not just talking about things, he's making the points he meant to make all along. That's called following a script.

    The point I'm trying to make here is: whether the script is on paper or in your head, you're still reciting scripted material.

  9. revengeofsuperman,
    Thanks for watching the video, and for commenting. Comments from audience members like you help us improve everything we do.

    I can tell you, Flint did not have a script, and, in fact, I don't think I've ever seen him speak with a script. Perhaps it looks like he has a script because we have a monitor with the current and upcoming slides near the camera, so he can see what slide he's speaking about. What you see on screen is added later, he's in front of a green screen.

  10. I find him believable and interesting, but yes, he does tend to attack specific words in sentences and that gives a broken cadence to a very technical subject. I would love to have directed him in this video for a more Ted Talk delivery. Less MIT, more "Did ya know…". Wonder what he thinks of Weiden+Kennedy, they're my advertising heroes.The people (…buy from people) comment was dead on: we like to think we decide on thinking, but we act on feeling. Good stuff…

  11. I was honestly waiting for Mr. Bigglesworth to walk onto the set! Hard to listen to the content of the message due to the delivery. Good stuff but the dude is a total trip!

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