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  1. DON'T TOO FAST Alex. Don't too hasty. Not all your Subs, Viewer is Native Speaker of English. I'm INDONESIAN YOUNG CW ..But i'm fond of your materials. Keep it up. Just slow down a bit ..

  2. Hi Alex, I was just curious, what are the research processes that you use for a product or service? I mean, do you use any tool or where do you go or which sites do you use for research? I believe finding the pain points and on the other hand the expectations of a customer require research. This is the most important part..correct me if I am wrong. Best Regards.

  3. Hey Alex! I have a question…I've been writing copy based on the content that the companies i want to work with put out. I've emailed them but none of them replied. I'm going forward with writing for other companies but i would love to work with the other ones. What should I do? Email them again?

  4. Thanks for this video! Definitely using those tips and triggers.
    PS: I bought the book Influence based off your recommendation in your previous video and its been great reading so far. Thanks, Alex!

  5. I've read a book by Cialdini called I 50 SEGRETI DELLA PERSUASIONE i'm italian and i don't know what's his name is in other countries…but if you find it in your language…well i highly reccomend it.

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