Market research can save you years of time, thousands of dollars and speed up your path to success. This video reveals my favorite free online market research …


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  1. Thanks again Myles. Fantasic info.

    I've been using your recommended market and keyword research tools to explore a niche I've been thinking of getting into for a while – the gardening/landscaping niche – as that has been my employment for 2 decards and I'm an expert in the field. Problem is, I've seen tons of problems with homeowners' gardens/lawns in the real world, yet when I do the keyword and market research, I'm not finding high numbers of searches/book sales and reviews. This contradicts what I thought would happen based on my real world experience (although free Youtube channels have lots of subscribers). Do you have any thoughts on numbers that might mean yes, go for it, or no don't go for it? Most of my keywords I'm finding under 1000 searches per month, sometimes just a few hundred.

    FYI, I too have spent a lot of time in the past ona few niches/websites that never went anywhere and I haven't taken the leap of faith in this niche yet because I'm afraid of waisting that time again.

    A HUGE thank you for your service to us all.

  2. I kid you not, just this morning I was thinking about how to research new markets for new ideas and came across your video. I know you released this about 4 days back but still close enough. Thanks again Miles!

  3. Thank you very much for this useful video. I realise how much I neglected this part of SEO. Just a quick question : as my business is in France should I do this on Amazon France or can I do it on Amazon US to have a different perspective or both ? Thanx again.

  4. Hi Miles, I might have missed the explanation, but why only Kindle reviews? Why not non digital books also? I assume people who read the paperbacks/hardcovers have the same type of issues, or praises. Did I miss something? Thanks

  5. You're an absolute stud Miles thanks for this amazing content. All the best for 2019 my man!

    Do you have a particular charity I could donate to as a small thank you / to give back a little for your advice?

  6. Hello Miles. Very well done market research tool on what customers write their online product reviews. Thank you for sharing your knowledge experience.

  7. Hi Miles, Is Amazon and Clickbank the only place to find things to sell? Im want to go the affiliate route. After I have done this market research is Amazon the only website I can sell items from?

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